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2 in 1 Painless Eyebrow Razor Facial Hair Remover, Eyebrow Lips Nose Body Hair Removal Razor For Women (Rainbow Colour) (2 in 1)

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2 in 1 eyebrow trimmer no more razor cuts, high-speed system give you a trimming experience, no pulling, no tugging, no cuts. 2 in 1 eyebrow trimmer, perfect for daily use, suitable for ladies eyebrow, body, facial, armpit, bikini, nose & ears hair trimmer, etc. it gets rid of those unwanted hairs, close to the skin, without waxing or plucking! all that is left is the beautiful shape you’ve created. easy to switch the heads to remove the hair once you use it, and the light helps you see bette the area you are shaving. how to use the pointy one is perfect for shaping eye brows he round head is best for facial hair, arm hair, leg hair, armpit hair, bikini etc choose and install the different blade head for your need, push the button to be on. move it gently and slowly in circular movement son the skin, use it on wet skin to get better.

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  • This eyebrow trimmer is suitable for erasing your unwanted eyebrow in daily life. The nose hair remover, It is convenient for you to trim your eyebrows and face depilatory during business travel to maintain the luster and flawless skin.
  • With a small and elegant design, you can throw it in your bag and take it with you. This facial hair removal for women is very easy to carry and can be used anytime, anywhere. The frosted and colorful body highlights the fashion, when you take out it, it will automatically change color as the light moves, let you have a happy mood every day.
  • Push-out switch, start with one push of one button, easy to use. You only need to remove the lid and push it to use. Two cutter heads can be easily taken down and cleaned with water. You can also use a brush to clean cutter heads, simple and easy.
  • For women gentle on all skin types. Performs a perfect shave close to your skin without causing any pulls, nicks, redness or irritation. This eyebrow trimmer is the perfect substitute for the traditional wax and tweezers. No more pain from waxing and plucking.


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