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Aryanveda Gold Facial Kit For Deep Moisturization & Glowing Skin 210 Gram Gold

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This excellent facial kit helps reduce blemishes and dark spots due to hyperpigmentation. Regular application of this kit helps support natural complexion and imparts glow to facial skin. It is sure to be a worthy collection for your skincare collection.

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  • Aryanveda
  • Variant Name:   Gold
  • Usage:  3 Times
  • Skin Type:    All

Expiry Date  :  Feb/2025

  • There’s no harm in having wrinkles. A few facial lines can be endearing and add character to your face. But it’s no secret that many of us would prefer to keep them in check.
  • Forms skin barrier that in turn absorbs UV rays protecting your skin from sun damage. The gold and botanical extracts helps in improving the complexion of your skin giving you naturally glowing skin.
  • A weekly use of this facial can help in reducing skin tan, dark spots & photo damage.
  • Added ingredients are intended to improve skin tone, texture, fine lines and wrinkles giving you youthful healthy looking skin.


Almond Oil & Cucumber Extract

  • Gold Cleanser – Aryanveda Gold Cleanser is enriched with beneficial properties gold dust and other natural cleansing agents to impart a gold like glow on your face. The magic of Gold cleanses skin impurities , improves blood circulation and purifies it . Consequently skin radiates with a gold like glow.
  • Gold Scrub – Aryanveda Gold Scrub is enriched with beneficial properties of time tested Ayurvedic herbs . It helps remove dead skin cells & thus induces growth of new skin tissue naturally. Regular application helps in removing of dead skin tissue & growth of fresh, new & radiant skin naturally.
  • Gold Massage Gel – Aryanveda Gold Massage Gel is fortified with health benefits of gold dust and natural herbs. t helps reducing blemishes & darks spots due to Hyperpigmentation. The gold massage gel is ideally formulated to absorb well into the skin to unveil a beautiful sparkling gold like glow on skin.
  • Gold Massage Cream – Aryanveda Gold Massage Cream is enriched with natural health benefits of gold and other skin protecting and beauty enhancing natural herbs.It soothes skin & helps fade old scars & acne marks. It enhances the glow of skin without leaving any sticky impressions and prevents discoloration due to skin disorders.
  • Gold Pack – Aryanveda Gold Pack is enriched with the time proven of gold dust and botanical extracts.It helps reduce blemishes & spots over face. Its application soaks in skin impurities and releases the natural goodness of gold into skin. Its use unveils a well sculpted and polished skin within no time and you look absolutely gorgeous

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Weight 210 g




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