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Niconi Oxygen Bleach for Sensitive And Dry Skin – 30 gms

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Product Description :

World’s first bleach with non -irritating and self timing technology! No pain no gain –sorry, we at niconi do not believe this. It doesn’t really mean that bleaching your skin involves having the irritation and red bruises to your skin. After thorough delving and research our experts have successfully developed a formula that eradicates the irritation phase in the whole overall skin lightening process. Hence we claim- desired gain without pain. We claim to give better results than any other bleach in the market today! Caution: it’s a professional bleach, so read the instruction twice carefully before using, especially the mixing part in the process.

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  • Category : Oxygen Face Bleach
  • Skin Type : All
  • Type : Cleanser
  • Form : Liquid
  • Type of Container : Plastic Jar
  • Benefits : Irritation Free
  • Purpose : Fairness
  • Gender : Unisex
  • Package contet : Lotion -27gm,Pre Bleach Cream-0.00gm,Activator- 3gm

Expiry Date : 12/2023

  • Form : Liquid
  • Type : Cleanser
  • Skin Type : All

How To Use

  • Apply any facial cream on face.
  • measure lotion & activator powder with given enclosed spoon in a bowl.
  • Very IMP: Now mix bleach lotion & activator powder with brush for 2 mins. till powder gets completely dissolved in lotion. Lotion will become pink colored cream.    If the activator powder is not completely dissolved in the lotion, there are chances of skin irritations. To avoid skin irritations or redness-vigourous mixing for 2 mins is very important.
  • Apply pink cream mixture on face.
  • Wash with water when cream color changes from pink to white. Do not use Soap for 5-6 hrs.



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Weight 30 g




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