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Niconi Oxygen Bleach For Sensitive and Dry Skin – 300 gms

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We claim to give better results than any other bleach in the market today! Caution: its a professional bleach, so read the instruction twice carefully before using, especially the mixing part in the process. Product features: category: oxygen face bleach skin type: all type: cleanser form: liquid type of container: plastic jar benefits: irritation free purpose: fairness shelf life: best before 18 months from the date of manufacturing gender: unisex package content: lotion -225gm, pre bleach cream-50gm, activator-25gm about brand Niconi is the fruit of our experience, passion and knowledge in the field of cosmetic research. A team of professionals with one goal in common: to devote our efforts to building this ambitious Project, bringing our on to the development of hair care and skin care beauty products.

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  • Dry and Sensitive Skin Face Oxygen Bleach
  • Contains: 300 g
  • Benefits : Irritation Less

Expiry Date :  05/2023

How To Use

  • Wash face cleansing milk or tap water & pat dry.
  • Apply a very small quantity of any good quality facial cream and massage on the area to be bleached.
  • Fill one level spoonful of lotion marked for lotion and place the contents in a bowl. Similarly fill one level spoonful of activator powder with the spoon marked for activator powder and place the content in the same bowl.
  • With  the help of a soft bleach brush, mix the bleach lotion and the activator powder for two whole minutes till the powder completely dissolves in the lotion and forms a uniform pink color cream.
  • Use a soft bleach brush or with the help of a finger, apply the pink mixture to the area to be bleached, taking care to cover all hair to be bleached.
  • Avoid application on the eye-brows and around the eyes.
  • As soon as the skin is bleached, the pink colored mixture will automatically, which indicates that the bleaching process is 100% complete.
  • No meed to check in between, whether the process is over or not. Once the pink coloured mixture turns white, you are 100% confident that the results are 100% positive.


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