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O3+ Instant Home Facial Power Brightening Kit

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INSTANT HOME FACIAL POWER BRIGHTENING: A 3 step home regimen for dry & combination skin that helps in instantly brightening and lightening uneven skin tone while boosting glow and moisture. HANDPICKED INGREDIENTS: It consists of a unique Acai cleanser that leaves the skin soft and clean. A cellulose mask that instantly brightens and Meladerm Cream that boosts glow! ACAI CLEANSER: For deep cleansing of skin! Acai berries are antioxidants that clean skin while boosting glow and unifying uneven skin. MELADERM CELLULOSE MASK: A sheet mask that is loaded with Meladerm glow solution that boosts the skins glow and reduces uneven skin tone while giving maximum facial benefits. MELADERM CREAM: A moisturising facial cream to boost the glow while unifying skin tone!

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