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SR.C Heavy Duty Proffessional Finger Massager With Twin Speed (Color May Very)

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Designed with powerful floating action to provide a positive masage through the fingertips to scalp, face and neck, built for years of trouble-free service, can be run for long period of time without overheating.

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  • Motor operates on 220-250 Volts AC-DC all cycles 55 walts

How To Attach To Hand

  1. With palm of hand down, insert all FOUR FINGERS into the REAR SPRING strap, Either hand can be used.
  2. insert the TWO MIDDLE FINGERS only into FRONT spring strap.
  3. Push machine back on hand so that the front small rubber pad is just back of the second joints of the middle fingers,, there small vibrating rubber pad transmits the vibrations to these fingers.

Step 1

Place two fingers at outside of eyes, work up and down across your forehead work back across forehead. Repeat serveral times.

Step 2

Place Fingers above your eyebrows. work outward over eyebrows and down. Repeat this motion a few times.

Step 3

Place hand on top of head and draw skin up with finger tips. Works massager hand at outer and of eyebrows. Work to cheekbone, to temple and down. Repeat this.

Step 4

Cup two fingers over nose. Slide them down the skin up with finger to lips. Move outward to mouth and end up to ear. Repeat this a few times. For best results from facial massage, apply cold cream, rub in, apply more cream. This will bring glow-to your skin.



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